Syd McCutcheon is the mixed media artist known as "Sheep Floozy,"
who finds art and whimsy in everyday life.  She lives in California with her husband and a very cute wiener dog, named Wendy.  She shares her studio with neither of them, but will share it with her daughters, both of whom are artists.  Feel free to cruise around and look at:

Art Clinic shows the latest developments taking place at the studio Syd shares with Carol Kemp.

The Goods contains samples of some of my work.  Well, at least the things my daughter (aka my webmaster) could find pictures of after not looking for that long of a time.

Where to See includes links to any galleries I might be showing in and lists all the classes or other shows you can catch me at.

Blog has the most recent news and my latest pieces.  It opens in a new window, so look out for that.


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